the United States to formally recognize southern Sudan as a sovereign, independent state in July 2011." The results of the referendum, part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in.

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n the situation in the country on such an important day. He has ratified the call for our country to vote," Arreaza said in a phone call to Communication and Information Minister.

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Assessment Plan area. In addition, the drilling of the last well confirmed that the oil-bearing reservoir in the area is about 128 meters thick, reducing uncertainties of hydrocar.

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he East Coast from Saturday and left behind a vast swath of destruction of landscapes and properties. At least 38 people have been reportedly killed in accidents related to the f.

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ew Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos in a bid to resolve a diplomatic row between the two Andean neighbors. The president said in a TV program that top on the summit's agend.

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rophe." In a separate development, the Onemi has lifted a tsunami alert for most of Chile's coast, which was issued immediately after Thursday's series aftershocks. The tsunami ala .

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thor, Lamont marine geophysicist Maya Tolstoy, used a visual analysis technique Crone recently developed called optical plume velocimetry. They say video from the earlier period i.

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statement. He was then transported by a Brazilian helicopter to an airport in Villavicencio, Mata's capital, where his family was waiting for him. On Dec. 8, 2010, FARC announced it.

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Lamothe said. "I would like to calm the fears of all the Haitians of the diaspora and the tourists that come to Haiti, understanding that there are zones that should be avoided, a.

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