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e usage. But now, most news organizations have preferred the adjective "undocumented," arguing that "illegal" is dehumanizing and lumps border crossers with serious criminals. Some

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said the construction of a second bridge over Yaguaron River, which forms part of the Brazil-Uruguay border, is relevant for the region's integration and development. They also ha

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ore were severely injured. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in confrontation with the police. Related: 2013 Boston bomber found guilty, awaiting death penalty trial WASHINGTON, April 8

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U.S. Republican Party's presumed presidential nominee Mitt Romney's stance of cutting taxes by another 5 trillion dollars to benefit Americans including the wealthiest. With less

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ources on the ground, and we were able to assist them." "Certainly, we wanted to be there to rescue survivors -- just like in New Zealand, the opportunity for people to survive wa

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ne in Sardinata town, Norte de Santander department in the northeast of Colombia, authorities said. According to the authorities, the accident occurred due to gas accumulation when

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throughout Brazil on March 8-11. The poll has a 2-point margin of error. RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said Wednesday that she had to cance